Welcome to our Community!

Welcome to the website for Country Club Village at Tuscawilla!
Country Club Village is a pristine community of 245 single-family homes located within the Tuscawilla Country Club community in Winter Springs, Florida


Board of Directors Meeting VIA CONFERENCE CALL


The Tennis Villas clubhouse is closed due to the Covid-19 restrictions. The next Board of Directors

meeting will be held VIA CONFERENCE CALL on Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 at 7pm. Homeowners may access the meeting phone number and access code by logging into this site.

Irrigation Reminder

Residents should now be on a twice a week watering schedule. Lawns are looking dry.



Country Club Village is a private community with private roads. Soliciting is not allowed in 

our community. There is a sign to this effect posted near the entrance. Winter Springs 

Code of Ordinances, Section 10-136 states that “it shall be unlawful for any transient or 

itinerant solicitor to solicit orders for goods, wares, merchandise, newspapers, magazines, 

periodicals or any other matter having a commercial business purpose, whether for profit 

or not, including the solicitation of funds, without first obtaininga written permit from the 

city manager”. Recently there have been a number of roofing companies soliciting for 

replacement of roofs via a letter dropped off at each home. Be wary of the offers as they 

are not always truthful.

Curb Appeal

We all embraced the idea of moving into a deed-restricted community when we purchased

homes in Country Club Village. We did this in order to protect the ambiance of our 

neighborhood and thereby also protect the resale value of our homes. The Board of 

Directors and the committee members work hard to maintain standards within the village 

to keep it competitive with other communities in Tuscawilla, Winter Springs, and the 

Orlando Metropolitan Area. Each property owner has an obligation to themselves and 

also to their neighbors to keep their property attractive and appealing to potential buyers . 

. . whether they are personally selling their home or not. This applies to front yards, back 

yards and side yards. By keeping CCV desirable, we help those residents who are selling 

their homes to get the highest price possible. In doing so, we are also maintaining the 

resale value of our own homes.


Massy's schedule will remain on Thursday and Friday of the 2nd week of each month.

Lawn Maintenance

PLEASE, remove hoses and other items from your yard.

As a reminder to Owners, Eastwood's scheduled days of maintenance are Mondays and 

Tuesdays, unfinished work complete on Fridays. If you choose to put a "DO NOT MOW" 

sign in your yard, please place the sign in your yard on the evening before or morning of 

service. Please remove the signs after maintenance is completed. MAILBOXES AND 



If you want the area around your mailbox and pool screens trimmed by the landscapers, 

it is strongly suggested that you protect the bottom of these areas in some fashion. 

For example, you might add plants or rock, or plastic edging.  It is extremely difficult for 

the trimmer to get close to the mailbox or pool screens without nicking them and they 

cannot be responsible for damage if  left unprotected.   In addition, owners 

need to remember that the landscaper cannot move your hoses or other yard items 

when mowing. Owners having maintenance issues regarding lawn care or chemical 

treatments should contact Diana McCreight at Vista 407.682.3443,ext. 1231. By notifying 

the Management Company, issues can be verified and monitored. They will contact the 

contractor to address the resident's concerns. 

·             Do not contact Maintenance Committee members or board members

·             Do not speak with maintenance contractor personnel directly regarding a specific issue.  

Co    Contractors have also been instructed not to take direction from individual property  






Events Calendar

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Street Parking

In March of 2014, the City of Winter Springs’ current Ordinance 2014-06 was adopted by the City Commission.  This ordinance addresses on-street parking in the city.

Parking in Country Club Village is allowed in a garage or on a designated driveway.  On-street parking is prohibited in our community.  We recognize the need for occasional on-street parking for service vehicles and guests; however routine violation of this ordinance is unreasonable, as this interferes with postal delivery, trash pick-up and most importantly, emergency vehicle access.  Vehicles must be parked with their right wheels to the curb.   It is suggested that you notify the Winter Springs Police Department when you are expecting several guests.  This will avoid someone receiving an unexpected ticket. 

Parking on the Country Club access path is also prohibited as this is not fair to our resident golfers.  The golf cart path also provides access for our lawn service to the back of some properties located in our Community.  

For more information On-Street Parking Ordinance, or to pose a question about the restrictions or permissions, please call the Winter Springs Police Department's Code Enforcement Division at 407-327-7975.  The On Street Parking guide and the Resident's Guide to Driveway and Parking Regulations for Residential Properties are available at the Winter Springs Police Department.

Furry Friends

We all love our pets, they provide us comfort and companionship, but please remember to ‘scoop the poop’ when you are out walking your pet in the community for your health and that of your neighbors. (Ordinance 20.18) of the Seminole County Animal Control and ProtectionOrdinance reads:


It shall be unlawful for any animal owner to permit, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care and control, any animal to soil, defile, urinate or defecate on any private or public property, other than that of the owner, without expressed or implied consent.